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Giovanni Fasciano has always shown a natural inclination towards the business world, which although spontaneous, is certainly rooted in his family’s professional history.

During his childhood, in fact, he watched his father run his company operating in the Italian market and jewelry industry, drawing the inspiration that would drive his career focus. It is this premise that makes it possible to understand how Giovanni Fasciano created a wristwatch manufacturing and distribution company that, thanks to his managerial abilities, earned a leading position in the European arena in just a few years.

It should be noted, however, that such successful achievement did not arise merely from lucky circumstances or from being struck by lightning. On the contrary, such an excellent path is the result of the diligent, daily commitment to hard work, characterized by a search for perfection. What is truly admirable, is how Giovanni Fasciano has drawn the best specific knowledge from each personal and work experience to his individual benefit, and to the benefit of the companies for which he has worked, starting from Gidieffe S.r.l. for which shortly after his studies, he began to demonstrate his innate abilities in the marketing field in the role of marketing manager that he held for a little over two years.


Direct Marketing


Competitors Analysis


Project Management


Market Research

His first work commitment was nevertheless interrupted by the offer he received from Time Force LTD, which he immediately identified as a great opportunity. Although the offer involved transferring to Hong Kong and even if back then it was not that common (or as common as it is today) to undertake such a radical lifestyle change (also from a social and cultural point of view), with great determination Giovanni Fasciano decided not to miss such an opportunity and moved to make Hong Kong SAR his home. At the same time, establishing a new working relationship that would last almost ten years.

The prestigious assignment was initially that of marketing manager, however, he was soon assigned other significant tasks until the establishment of a company (a subsidiary of the HK company) whose mission was to cover the European market. It was precisely this specific appointment which involved a set of assignments that Mr. Fasciano performed with fluidity and competence; above all gaining new important knowledge, relationships and experience.

Giovanni Fasciano was entrusted with the overall management of the full complex project, from analysis of the reference market to the study of competitor’s businesses, to the development of web-marketing tools and completion of press releases. The positive results achieved allowed the latter to acquire the keen awareness and confidence needed to empower Giovanni to embark on a path of entrepreneurship leading to the establishment of his own business. Giovanni was certainly not lacking experience!

Precisely by adding, to skill and experience, his propensity to work without sparing himself from the inevitable personal sacrifices, Giovanni Fasciano moved to Switzerland (the nexus of the watch market) and using his experience in the Italian family business, formed Global Watch Industries S.p.A., whose brilliant European results already in the early years (over $ 100 million dollars and 2 million watches sold annually) led Giovanni Fasciano to expand his background with new and different professional businesses in other countries around the world, leading to the current real estate challenge in the United States and the Middle East.