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With the new year quickly approaching investors are looking to find the right companies to invest in for 2018. Many companies have potential to reap economic gain but here is a list of companies that I believe are the best options to invest in the new year.

Heritage-Crystal Cycle

Heritage-Crystal Cycle is an exciting company to invest in. They deal with waste for companies such as auto repair shops and aerospace companies. They have delicate procedures for disposing of the waste and are on the up in the stock market because of the upswing of the US economy. Over the past six months, they have seen a steady growth of 45%. Consider investing in this company earlier rather than later in the new year.

Snap-On Inc.

Snap-On Inc. is a company in the US that has had some struggles within the last year. Their stock was idle for a majority of 2017, but some investors are optimistic that they will see an influx in 2018. Snap-On Inc. sells custom tools to auto mechanics. Their sales of these tools have been consistent throughout 2017, but unfortunately, the stock prices have not shown results. The company has a global market and has a growing percentage of sales worldwide. This statistic gives investors hope that in 2018 there will be an influx of stock.


Facebook has over two billion users. Facebook’s platform has accumulated an enormous amount of foot traffic to other sites for sales and growth by showing advertisements on their site. Facebook is not going away anytime soon; it continues to grow its user base and figure out ways to better serve their customers. Facebook has an ever-changing interface and develops methods and tactics to push sales and growth for other companies through their advertisements. Facebook is predicted to grow 33% in 2018.


Raytheon may be a controversial company to invest in for multiple reasons. They sell products such as missiles for missile defense systems. The current international relations may urge you to consider buying stock in this company. Rising tensions in North Korea and parts of the middle east are good factors that the market may be around for a long time. They have a global market, reaching out to other countries and the influx of federal defense budget insinuates steady growth in this market for several years.