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Clean energy is a trending topic in modern society. With climate change becoming a rising concern, many companies and researchers are doing their best to offer cleaner energy solutions for the world to use. As a result of the necessity, there are a growing number of startup companies devoted to providing clean energy solutions to producers and consumers. Despite the importance of clean energy, the industry is still viewed as a high-risk industry to invest in. These are a few things that investors should keep in mind when growing their clean energy investment portfolios.


Daniel Goldman, one of the founders of Clean Energy Venture Group, stated that he and his company look for companies that can scale their growth and can have a large impact on the massive amount of greenhouses that are emitted on a yearly basis. The impact that a company has typically determines how financially successful the company will be. There are many tools that investors can use to determine how much a company can grow to scale. Clean Energy Venture Group utilizes a 30-year time span and several other metrics when determining how scalable a company is.

Watch Out For Red Flags

Startup companies should be willing to accept the help of their investors if help is offered. Startup companies that are not willing to be guided by their investors should raise warning signs to their investors. Aside from financial assistance, the additional assistance offered by investors can help these companies improve in a variety of ways. Companies that are unwilling to accept help may not be interested in improving their productivity and business structures.

Seek Growth

Clean energy investors should search for startup companies that are interested in growing and improving as a whole. These types of companies will be constantly looking for new ways to do things and become more productive. Companies that are willing to grow will want to find ways to decrease their production costs while offering better products and services to the market. Startup companies who are able to run more efficiently and improve their operating margins will become more profitable over time. These types of companies offer investors the best returns on investment.