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A list of investment blogs that I think anyone from an experienced investor to a first-timer should read!

A Wealth of Common Sense

Ben Carlson runs this blog. The blog focuses on investor psychology, financial markets, and wealth management just to name a few. Ben has been quoted in multiple publications and media platforms earning him a reputation of one of the top investing bloggers. Ben is the Director of Institutional Asset Management at Ritholtz Wealth Management. His goal for A Wealth of Common Sense is to simplify the financial markets in easy to digest language for anyone to use. Being in the financial market for some time, Ben knows and understands that the economy is incredibly complex and has made it his mission to simplify this topic for anyone to read.

Financial Mentor

Todd R. Tresidder, as he states is, “walking the talk.” Tresidder retired at age 35 as a hedge fund investment manager. He helped produce 100 percent winning years for his hedge fund and promoted the same tactics he used personally in the blogs he writes. The gist of the blog is to teach people how to use their money to have financial and personal freedom. Todd focuses on nonconventional means of investment. Blogs such as Retirement 101, and Wealth Building 101 are introductory courses to achieve financial independence in your life. Tresidder talks about how in his life, material wealth does not equal happiness and how he has used his fortune to retire so early and use it towards what he values most.

Nerd’s Eye View

Michael Kitces is a financial advisor and investor who has eight different degrees and designations. Michael prides himself on his education and expertise of the financial realm. Michael has seventeen years of experience, and his goal is to implement his financial planning research to advisers and clients alike. Michael looks to spread his knowledge about investing and financial planning to anyone who is interested in learning more.  

Contrarian Edge

Vitaliy Katsenelson, a Russian native, moved to the states in 1991 along with the rest of family. Katsenelson graduated from the University of Colorado with his undergraduate and a graduate degree in finance. Having a burning desire to learn, Katsenelson began teaching and later developed a yearning for a broader audience which led him to blog. Katsenelson’s blog engages in an analysis of varying popular stock. The philosophy of site is “I invest, I write, and I could not dream of doing anything else.”